Great Period For NRI’s To Invest IN Mumbai Real Estate

NRI’s to seize on to profitable opportunities – Affordable homes in Mumbai on the rise

Mumbai, known as the financial capital of India has crossed leaps and bounds as far as property investments are concerned. Residents are now effectively transitioning from living as tenants to real-time home owners. This has led to realtors capturing emerging markets for their respective projects. Puranik City Neral by Puranik properties is one such project that is located to precision at Neral in Mumbai. It becomes important at some point of time to look for property investments as it adds as a valuable asset for the future. Neral is an emerging location which has attracted residents and realtors from all parts of the country. The location is no short of a tourist destination with the famed Matheran hills in close proximity. Residents can have a retreat-like living experience at Puranik City Neral as the surrounding Matheran hills provide eco-friendly benefits. With the rise in population, the demand for residential spaces is rising at a phenomenal rate. Realtors have now devised strategies to match the supply-demand ratio so they don’t end up in stock-out situations.

Real Estate Investment At Mumbai
Real Estate Investment At Mumbai

We have also witnessed a trend where NRI’s have seized on to opportunities in their home land to invest in properties for long-term gains. Festive seasons also bring about a change in the mindset of people as it is considered auspicious to own a house for the very first time. Don’t we all want a space that we can call home? To set things into perspective, realtors have gone about with their project decisions keeping the customers interest as the prime focus. Puranik City Neral is located to perfection so residents can go about with their everyday commute with utmost ease. With fluctuating market trends, NRI’s have already proactively approached realtors and set practical expectations for their home needs.

Puranik City Neral Launch Project
Puranik City Neral Launch Project

Shift in property investment forecast – A lucrative option for NRI’s

Based on various media and real estate agencies, the year 2018 is a golden opportunity for NRI’s to invest in residential properties. After the introduction of policies like RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) and GST, NRI’s are presented with profitable option for property investments in and around Mumbai. With the rise in people in the city, the demand for affordable home is staggeringly large. Established realtors who have set their project around Mumbai are coming up with affordable price ranges so they sell their unsold inventory. For the past few years, Mumbai has noticed a melt-down in the real estate sector. Especially, in the luxury sector, most of the units are kept unsold because of genuine reasons like location and return on investment in the long-run. Real estate developers have now carefully transitioned to incorporating affordable price strategies to stay ahead in the market. This eventually leads to establishing long-standing relationships with key business prospects.

Puranik City Neral Upcoming Property Mumbai
Puranik City Neral Upcoming Property Mumbai

Decreased Price a Bonus for NRI’s

Originally, NRI’s who visit India are inclined towards purchasing properties that are ultra-luxurious in nature. The mindset was such that realtors had come up with certain categories of residential spaces that were solely directed towards high-upper class income groups. However, Mumbai has seen a clear trend where NRI’s are making the most out of price reductions across major sectors. NRI’s are now focusing more towards investing in properties that can earn them prolonged returns on investment rather than putting their money in high-cost apartments around the city.

Exclusive discount and offers for NRI’s

Realtors around Mumbai has come up with specific policies that encourage NRI’s to invest in diverse residential and commercial properties. There are attractive offers and discounts that are provided to residents who are willing to invest with immediate effect. This is the right time for NRI’s to put their hard-earned money into property investments as overall prices for residential apartments have decreased considerably after demonetization and GST. NRI’s are now trying to expand their revenue sources by investing in some of the finest commercial spaces for a steady income. Experts claim that as far as commercial properties is concerned, it’s not only the way the architectures are set up, even the land appreciates based on the location of the property.

Puranik Future City Neral Mumbai
Puranik Future City Neral Mumbai

More About Puranik Future City Neral Mumbai

If you are ready to invest in real estate at Mumbai then Puranik City Neral is one of the good option. Know lets see highlight of Puranik City Neral. This apartment is coming with 110 acre land parce with mega township, G+4 & G+7 tower. You will find two International Airpot at a distance of 30 mins from this project.  Puranik developer is coming with attractive payment plans with good ROI potential.

Puranik Future City Neral Floor Plan, Price  and Master Plan :

Typology Saleable Area (Sq.Ft.) Price Starting With
1RK 213 – 216 SQFT On Request
1BHK 330 – 380 SQFT On Request
2 BHK 440 – 500 SQFT On Request

To conclude, NRI’s are more than eager now to invest in Mumbai that has never shied away from providing top-notch realty services with utmost trust and reputation.



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Why Buying A 1BHK Or 2BHK Flats In Puranik Neral City Is A Smart Move?

Mulling over buying a 1BHK or 2BHK in Puranik Future City residential apartments in Mumbai?

Whether you search for your dream home or just a property to invest in, you will be given your money’s worth in Mumbai. Population from all over the world are attracted to the booming industries housing massive companies and financial growth around a corner at Mumbai.

You are always on the fences when it comes to own your dream house. And that is quite obvious. But, let me tell you, your decision of owning a residential property in Puranik City Neral is always a smart move.

Puranik City Neral | 1bhka, 2bhk and 3bhk flats
Puranik City Neral | Coming with 1bhk, 2bhk and 3bhk flats

Are you asking why? Then this post will upskill you for the same.

  1. Going ahead of yourself: people living in metropolitan cities take their home buying plans very seriously. If you have no spouse, 1bhk would do good. But, if you plan for future and decides to have a roof over before entering into matrimony then nothing less than 2BHK would suffice. Cause as new member keeps adding in the family the home starts appearing smaller. So, think of your future before taking any step.
  2. It is about the affordability: 1BHK in apartment in Neral Mumbai would cost you somewhere starting from 35 lakhs to 1.72 crores depending upon the location. With not much difference in the bracket you might get 2BHK somewhere between 43 lakhs to 2 crores. What do you think is better? Of course, 2BHK. Right? Because by adding a few more lakhs you can enjoy the luxury of bigger space.
  3. Rent-out are easily available: If you are in a job that requires you to move to different places every year. Investing in 2BHK in burgeoning places is never a bad idea. Without any hitch you can let out your property, because there is always someone new waiting to buy an abode. As the prices in metropolitan continue to rise, selling it in a decade or so will also bring in huge return.

Now that you know, buying a 1BHK or 2BHK in Mumbai is a worthy move. Go ahead with committing your money in Puranik Neral City Apartment in Mumbai.

Puranik City Neral | Upcoming Project Mumbai
Puranik City Neral | Upcoming Project Mumbai

Here is what you are offered at Puranik Future City Neral Mumbai:

Affordable Luxurious apartments: Puranik Neral City is giving you a very spacious and airy apartment i.e. a perfect apartment at a very affordable price for common mass. It is offering 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments with best in class furnishings and fittings by excellent architects. The units are crafted to perfection with sizes ranging from 900 sq. ft. to 1700 sq. ft.

Amidst great location: Puranik Neral City is located at prominent region of Neral Mumbai.  This apartment is located at Near Pimploli Village Old Market, Neral, Maharashtra 410101. The greatest place from residential point of view. The presence of completely developed roads and railway services well connects Neral to the entire city. The place is in close proximities to metro stations, railway stations and more than 5 bus stops.

Modern amenities make it an ideal home: Along with premium specifications available in almost every home in Mumbai, this project offers multitude of amenities to its residents. Spreading in over sprawling acres of land it gives a playground, gym, swimming pool, library, a well-equipped club house, separate courts for basketball and tennis, a landscaped garden and 24 hours security facility to make your life prosperous as you want it to be.

Seamless connectivity: Puranik Future Neral City offers excellent neighbourhood to its residents. You can enjoy a smooth and easy access to schools and colleges, bars and restaurants, malls and supermarkets last but not the least hospitals and health centres. Even the office goers don’t have to worry because corporate and IT sectors are also within proximities.

Puranik City Neral Upcoming Property Mumbai
Puranik City Neral Upcoming Property Mumbai


So, when it comes to your dream home, the more luxury, the better, and what better affordable luxury would you find than Puranik Neral City in a burgeoning place like Mumbai.


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